You can't save them all. But together, we can!

You put a lot of work into helping abandoned animals.
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By switching your electricity provider to GoodCharlie, you enable us to round up your bill at no cost to you and donate the proceeds to Friends of CountyPets every month! Let GoodCharlie help you help them.

But wait, there's more!

Use promo code RESCUE50 during enrollment to receive $50 off your first full billing cycle, and we'll make an extra $50 donation to Friends of CountyPets on your behalf when you select them during enrollment. 

HURRY! Limited Time Only!
Be part of the change, today!
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Lacking extra cash?
When you choose GoodCharlie as your energy provider, we'll donate for you not just during these hard times, but all the time! 
Not enough hours in the day?
Don't have the time to foster or volunteer but still want to help? We'll round up your bill at no extra charge and donate the difference.
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Never-ending cycle?
Allow us to contribute around the clock for you so you can make an impression with zero effort or expense.​
Grow The Pack
Share with others and ignite a lifesaving treatment when you refer a friend to GoodCharlie.

What The Pack is Barking About​



Cat Pack member

It's not all about dogs! GoodCharlie helps me and my feline friends too!

Julia Morales Clark

Houston Astros Sports Reporter, AT&T Sports Net

I'm thrilled that GoodCharlie automatically supports my favorite rescue, Houston Pets Alive!

Kilyn Horton

Animal Advocate, @khbubbles
I love that GoodCharlie supports the animals and rescue organizations of Texas.

Have a pet?

We not only assist Friends of CountyPets, but we also provide FREE pet care for YOUR pets, too!

24/7 Video Vet, FREE ($1,000 value)

  • Save thousands on unnecessary vet visits for up to 5 pets
  • Call or chat with a licensed vet at any time, FREE
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$750 Emergency Fund, FREE ($750 value)

  • Have a $750 safety net for your next life-or-death vet emergency 
  • We'll pay the vet directly for you, with no claims or copays, FREE

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Total Savings = $1,750+

  • 24/7 Video Vet = $1,000
  • Emergency Fund = $750
  • Lifesaving = priceless