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Free pet care with every GoodCharlie electricity plan

A vet doctor has both hands on her chin and resting her arms on a surface. There is a dog beside her and a chat screen from a mobile app behind them.
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Free $750 Emergency Fund: your safety net for pet emergencies

Focus on your pet's health and not the cost of care. Get up to $750 paid directly to your ER veterinary provider for a life-threatening pet event.

  • No copay, co-insurance, or deductible
  • Works at any vet in the U.S.
  • Up to 5 pets covered (dogs and cats)
  • No claims process

How the Emergency Fund works

A laptop is on a table and shows a customer on a video call with a vet doctor. There is a cup of coffee beside the laptop.

Video call a GoodCharlie vet

Confirm a pet emergency and get an answer in minutes, not hours.

A vet doctor is treating a dog.

Get your pet treated

Seek ER care at any vet hospital within 4 hours of confirming your emergency.

A woman is viewing her bill while a vet doctor is treating her dog in the background.

We pay the bill

Call us, and we'll pay the vet directly up to $750—it's that simple.

What's covered

GoodCharlie covers conditions and events that result in life-threatening pet emergencies requiring immediate veterinary attention.

Examples of what's covered

  • Toxic ingestion
  • Choking or difficulty breathing
  • Severe blockages or bloat requiring emergency surgery
  • Internal and external injuries that are life-threatening
  • Pre-existing conditions, like diabetic seizures

Examples of what's not covered

  • Pregnancy or birth-related issues
  • Broken bones or injuries that are not life-threatening
  • Regular check-ups, wellness visits, vaccines
  • Routine procedures, like deworming
  • Scheduled surgeries

Free 24/7 Video Vet: speak with a vet anytime, anywhere

Whether you have a general question or an emergency event, message or video call a licensed vet within seconds to get the expert advice you need.

A hand holding a smartphone showing an ongoing video call with a vet doctor. A dog is in the background but out of focus.

Compare our Pet Perks with the big dogs

How GoodCharlie compares to other vets
vs. other vets
Televet servicesFreeNone
Average time to see a vetSecondsHours
Average price per visit/examFree$125
Messaging and video callsFree and unlimitedNone
Emergency coverage$750$0
Supports rescues for youMonthlyNone

Thousands saved in ER vet bills

Pet parents are able to care for their pets better with GoodCharlie's free Pet Perks

Bear's $711 ER bill paid in full

Bear got a cut on the top of his nose, which was bleeding profusely. Even though the cut itself was small, because the nose is very vascular, it was leading to significant blood loss, which required immediate ER vet attention. Once treated, Bear's $711 ER vet bill was covered by the Emergency Fund.

Bear's $711 ER bill paid in full

Peaches' $351 ER bill paid in full

Peaches' pawrents noticed she wasn't acting right. She was walking funny and had a hard and rigid abdomen, which pained her when pressed. She had stopped eating and had no bowel movements. After confirming the emergency with a GoodCharlie vet and getting to the ER vet ASAP, her $351 ER vet bill was completely covered so focus could be on her recovery, and not the unexpected expense.

Peaches' $351 ER bill paid in full

Oliver's $304 ER bill paid in full

Oliver swallowed an entire chicken nugget whole that his human brother dropped. He started vomiting and couldn't keep his dog food down, but the nugget never appeared… it was stuck in his throat and required urgent removal, as he was in pain and gagging. Once his ER vet visit was complete, his $304 vet bill was taken care of.

Oliver's $304 ER bill paid in full

Lynx's $750 ER bill paid in full

Lynx ingested some nerf gun bullets and was throwing up for hours. He stopped eating and drinking completely. Because the bullets were large relative to his small cat body, there was no way he could regurgitate or pass them. Emergency surgery was needed, and the full $750 Emergency Fund was paid to his ER vet bill.

Lynx's $750 ER bill paid in full

Frequently asked questions

To view our full list of frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQs.

  1. $0 – they're free! When you enroll in GoodCharlie electric services you are automatically enrolled into our Pet Perks, including 24/7 access to a licensed and certified GoodCharlie vet and a $750 Emergency Fund to help cover unexpected, life-threatening accidents and illnesses.
  2. In addition, be part of the Roundup for Rescues program where GoodCharlie automatically rounds up your monthly bill to the nearest dollar and donates it to the rescue partner of your choice – at no cost to you!