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Once you join The Pack, you'll choose the rescue partner you'd like our roundups and other donations to support.

Houston Pets Alive! logo

Houston Pets Alive! (HPA!) is a rescue whose mission is to save the lives of at-risk companion cats and dogs and find them loving homes. They're not your average rescue. They act as a safety net for municipal shelters such as BARC and Harris County Animal Shelters, and they are committed to developing programs alongside them so that they can work together to reduce homelessness and save more lives around the Houston area.

There are 1.2 million stray animals and two open-intake shelters in Houston. HPA!'s vision is a world where every cat and dog has a loving home, and with the help of their staff, volunteers, fosters, donors, and GoodCharlie, they are able to get closer to that goal every day.

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Dallas Pets Alive! logo

Dallas Pets Alive (DPA!) is a foster-based rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of healthy and treatable pets at greatest risk of euthanasia in North Texas. Most pets that come into their care have medical issues so severe that shelters do not have the capacity to support them. While fostering and adopting homeless pets is central to their mission, DPA has made it a top priority to proactively work with families and individuals to help keep pets in their homes.

DPA believes that innovation can change animal welfare and the way rescue pets are perceived in our community. By supporting DPA, thousands of homeless pets are given a second chance and are kept in their homes and out of local shelters.

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Other Partners:

Community Partners

Making Texas the best place for a dog to live means that we must focus not only on rescue efforts, but also on our community at large.

That's why we partner with local entrepreneurs in the pet world who are just as committed to doing good as we are. One such partner is Jessie's Bites, where their heart is to help people help their pups live their best lives by handcrafting human-grade dog food and treats. Inspired by Jessie, their dedicated team includes those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as they foster an environment where all abilities are welcome to serve man's best friend!

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